A fundamental part of having a successful project, is the research, knowledge and concept that is developed and produced to satisfy the local Authority for a planning permit. The Planning permit then sets the foundations of the project that requires multiple professionals and experts to micro manage the lifespan of the project from design, construction and subdivision -all the way to the purchaser and occupation.

 The key to a successful project is to follow the local trend in the market and provide a product that the local Municipality is encouraging. Then we need to design the project to be the best designed and quality for the area to be ahead of the competition.Once these key elements are accomplished then proceed promptly to produce and complete the product to maximize the projects full potential.

Rose & Gold's project management incorporates:

  • Site Identification & Feasibility
  • Market Analysis
  • Concept Plans
  • Financial Planning
    Contract administration
  • Tendering Contractors and Professionals that best suit the Project
  • Planning Drawings  
  • Management of planning stage
  • Management of design and Consultants to achieve best outcome with council.
  • Planning Approval 
  • Marketing analysis, Cost Engineering & Design Engineering
  • Sales Analysis, Current market design Concepts
  • Construction Project Management
  • Tendering for Construction Phase:
  • Consultants, Engineers and Architects
  • Tendering for Builders to construct
  • Builder feasibility and eligibility analysis
  • Team appointment to manage construction:
  • Quantity Surveyors


  • Lawyers
  • Building Surveyors
  • Project Managers
  • Consultants 
  • Architects
  • Construction management through-out the construction stage
  • Fortnightly site Visits
  • Monthly approvals of progress payments, Milestones, Certification and approvals and design management.
  • Finding suitable Funder for project 
  • Funding management and management of all requirements
  • Marketing product through Sales and Marketing strategies.
  • Pre-Sales Management for Funding
  • Pre-sale Certificates
  • Land Sub division management
  • Permit for Sub division
  • Service Authorities approvals and installs and agreements
  • Hand over management from full project package to purchasers.